Straighten Your Teeth With a Discreet Orthodontic Solution

At Charlotte Family Dentistry, we offer ClearCorrect aligners, a practically invisible alternative to traditional metal braces. Your doctor will take digital images to determine if you are a good candidate for aligner therapy and will use those images to have your aligners custom-made for your smile goals. Once you start wearing your aligners, you’ll notice numerous benefits:

  • Discreet Appearance – You can confidently wear your aligners to work without anyone realizing you are pursuing orthodontic treatment.
  • Easy to Remove – As long as you get 22 hrs of wear per day, you can easily take out your aligners for meals, cleaning your teeth, or even for special occasions.
  • Comfortable Checkups – Enjoy painless checkups every 6-8 weeks while you progress through your treatment.
  • Shorter Treatment Time – Instead of taking two years or more, clear aligners usually straighten teeth in 12 to 18 months.
  • Eat What You Want – You won’t have to avoid foods like popcorn or crunchy fruits and vegetables because you can remove your aligners!

Call 704-247-6499 for clear aligners in Charlotte. You can also request an appointment online.